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Blogging It…

Every day, my son and daughter encouraged me to write down what is happening to me during that day. Most of the time this was just simple notes , not good, ok, sleeping a lot, or they would become more involved, especially when I’m researching something of interest at the time. This also helped in keeping a record of anything that happened, like seizures, problems with my medication, falls and those mishaps that seem to happen so frequent. However, it became clear that the notes didn’t have any structure, I had notes here and there and, even when I found them, they didn’t often make sense. Not only was my handwriting somewhat rough, I have to use my left hand now and I was right handed, The spelling was a bit hit and miss to say the least, words would often be missed out, my brain has a habit now of working faster that my hand and I never redrafted the notes. It seemed an obvious idea to use the computer to record my notes and once I started this, the idea of doing a blog seemed a good step too. You see, what I do has two benefits, firstly, it keeps my note taking organised, but more importantly, it give me something to get my brain working on.

Now I can get my ideas down, then start to redraft it and often this is done several times, but each time I have to read it, assess it, decide on what to change, add, or remove and then check spelling and grammar. Spell checker is great. I find that I am better at seeing a word than trying to write it myself. This whole process is so good for exercising the brain. The notes make more sense and I certainly seem to be remembering more with regard to those notes, so that has to be a good thing.

This is becoming quit addictive, so something I would suggest anyone could try. You might not want to jump into a blog type thing, but if you use a computer or pad, then there will be a word processor for it. This is just another fancy word for a computer type writer. You will have to learn how to use that word processor and decide how to record your notes. All this will work in your favour, because your brain, and of course you, will benefit from the challenge. If you don’t use a computer, or not ready to try, then get a notebook and do the same thing in that. Even the handwriting requires brain power.

I find that reading out aloud helps me write, so as an addition to my written blog, I’m starting to create an audio file to go with the text. Although reading out loud helps me with writing the piece, Finn, my support dog, doesn’t really like watching me talk to myself.

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