Dementia Related Post

‘Before you can kill the monster you have to say its name!’

When I was growing up in the 60s, Cancer was rare and dementia even rarer.

My Grandad died in 1967, in a Lichfield Care Home, of Senility. I had no idea that this had anything to do with Dementia. I was told that he had finally gone mad.

Not too long ago, if you asked anyone what their main medical concern was, it was most likely Cancer, today if you ask the same question, it is more likely to be Dementia.

What gets me about this is that people see both, Cancer and Dementia as this thing, but in fact both are symptomatic terms. What I mean by this is people may have signs and symptoms that they have some form of Cancer, or Dementia, but do not necessarily tell you the particular illness that causes those signs and symptoms.

My brother died of Leukaemia, this is a particular illness that develops signs and symptoms that are known as Cancer.

I often hear that people have Dementia, but knowing what form of Dementia the individual has, is vital! Without such knowledge, you can not do anything!

On one site, it stated that there are now over 400 recognised forms of Dementia, this just sounds ridiculous, but the fact is, I just don’t know? I don’t think anyone knows and I believe this to be true for both Cancer and Dementia.

Can someone please direct me to a comprehensive list of Cancer and Dementia related illnesses, so I can then publish it!?

Until we all know what we are dealing with, we cannot move forward to curing any of it!

Terry Pratchett said, in his excellent book A Slip of the Keyboard, ‘Before you can kill the monster you have to say its name.’

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