Dementia Related Post

Finding My Voice

I’m on my own a lot, this is by choice, but one thing that is being affected, is the loss of my voice. I do have this stuttered way of speaking. Part of this is often due to those moments when my brain stops and I can’t find those words, but I do think that not speaking and being profoundly deaf, doesn’t help. 

Now , I found something that will help me and could help you too! I have always liked singing, but I can’t always bring all the words of a song to mind. As for singing anywhere near in pitch, that’s something else. If I tell you that when I try singing, Finn, my special dog, leaves, then it will give you some idea! 🙄

Singing along to your own collection is great, but  if you can get online, go here:

Find a song you know and enjoy yourself!

Helps my talking, word association from written to speech and is great fun!

Finn still not sure 🤔 

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