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My Toilet Seat 👀

This morning I kept hearing this on the news, in regards to the virus thing, ‘There are more germs on your phone, kitchen surface, on this and on that, than on your toilet seat!’

Well, I don’t know about you, but my toilet is spotless!

However, I have been a bit obsessive about germs for some time. I’ve not always been like this, so I’m now thinking, could this be another quirky symptom of my dementia?

Have you had this need to over clean?

I have cleaning stuff for everything, and everywhere, and it all kills 99% of everything! 🤔

As a kid, my mum had nothing, but soap and a magic scrubbing action, I can still feel the flannel impressions on my face to this day. The strange thing is, I don’t remember having many coughs, or colds. I was always outside and, more often than not, dirty. Washing my hands was something I did when I came in, if I had to.

We had a bath once a week, in a large tin bath in the kitchen. This was a follow on system, starting with the oldest to the youngest and that was me! The cold bothered me more that the funny grey looking water! The carbolic soap, together with the magic scrubbing again, soon removed anything that shouldn’t have been there.

I have a theory that my childhood experience allowed for the bacteria that is prevalent in and outside our bodies, to maintain a healthy balance. This also helped to preserve my immune system at it’s peek level, thereby keeping me healthy!?

Today we seem obsessed with killing 99% of all germs, the good and the bad. This obviously then leaves the 1% that we can’t handle. I wonder if statistically there is a correlation between the rise of household cleaners and these seemingly continual outbreaks of uncontrollable diseases?

That still leaves me thinking about those toilet seats!? Were the newsreaders referring to those unloved and abused toilet seats, and toilets, at large!? 🤢

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