Dementia Related Post


  • Why is it so easy to be negative?
  • Why do we take things so seriously?
  • Why do we shy away from facing our fears?
  • Why do we isolate ourselves?
  • Why do we find it so easy to complain, rather than praise?
  • Why do we continually hark back to a time we can do nothing about?
  • Why do we wait for a time that may not arrive, but fail to see the now?

Why, Why, Why?

This is not me and I hope it is not you?

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    • I’m the same as you, I’m fighting it. I work on my computer, read a lot, listen to music (very helpful ) I’m lucky that I have vey good medication, my biggest problem is that I constantly forget where I’ve put things & that is most frustrating, otherwise, I’m fine.


      • Hello Barbara and thank you for taking the time to reply!

        Good to hear you are fighting this too!

        Stay safe and keep well in these strange times!


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