A Balanced Life… The Concept

A Balanced Life… This is a common statement, or mantra you hear all the time, ‘You have to have a balanced life,’ but more often this refers to mainly to what you do with our lives ie, balancing work and home-life.

Although I think balance in these terms is very important, I believe that Balance is a fundamental facet that permeates every part of our lives and if we thought about it more, could and would have a big impact on how we live.

Here is an example that I’m sure you will be able to relate to.

To stay in peak condition and remain healthy, you need to have a balanced diet and exercise.

If you visualise this in terms of a set of scales, then the concept is easy to understand.

As long as your diet is good and you exercise enough, then you are at your peak, you are balanced.

If your diet is not that good, or you don’t exercise enough, or too much, then you are out of balance, you are not at your peak.

What you decide is the right balance, is up to you and this is going to be based on what you understand and believe is correct.

This is the Concept of Balance, that I think is of major importance and should applied to all facets of our lives.

Try it for yourself, just think of something that you are concerned with, work and life, what you eat, how you exercise, your mental state, your health and time spent of your phone, what you are watching, getting out and your social life etc. The list goes on…

Please let me know what you think and any comments, ideas, suggestion are always welcome!?

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