The Marathon a Week Challenge

It has been a long time since I was doing 26miles a week, so it is time to start again.

Part 1. Out the front door and cover a distance of 1 mile. When I get back, check and record how long it took.

I’m going to do the same circuit, covering the same mile, each day, for 5 days of the week.

When I find this is too easy, then that will be the time for Part 2.

If you want to try,

The Marathon a Week Challenge,

…then just work out the mile circuit you are going to cover, in whatever way you prefer, walking, cycling, running, or like me a wheelchair, as long as you are providing the power and start the challenge today.

If you follow the 5 part plan, I guarantee you will be covering a Marathon, each and every week. You will feel a whole lot better and be amazed how quick you can do this!

So, this is day two for me and I’m aching. My shoulders are feeling it, but apart from that, no major problems and at least I’ve started.

Please add any comments, or suggestions bellow…

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