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2nd Week of Marathon Challenge

I had to wait a bit today, wasn’t light enough till about 6.30am, because of, Summer Time and the clocks going forward an hour.

Well, I’ve done my mile, avoiding anyone on the way, and about 20 minutes later I was back and feeling really pleased with myself.

Still taking a toil on the muscles, but that’s ok, it will get better as my body strengthens to the challenge.

The biggest challenging part at the moment is getting myself enthused enough to do it in the first place. I often find myself trying to talk myself out of it, looking for any excuse! I think this is what a lot of people suffer with when it comes to any form of exercise, especially in the initial stages, but it does get better!

When I was doing my five miles a day before, it would the first mile that was tough, feeling as if I was going up hill and through treacle. There is no denying it was a struggle, but then, it’s like you get this whoosh and away you go. My body felt as if it was thriving on the exercise. I’ve heard some people call it a high and I can understand why. The downside to this, if you can really call it a downside, is I found it hard to stop. I kept thinking, I could do just one more lap. I’m looking forward to getting to this point again and it’s that, that keeps me going!

If you are still doing your own Marathon, then well done and don’t doubt yourself, you can do it!

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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