Dementia Related Post

It seems to me that diagnosing Dementia is too late!

I have dementia, but it took years before the diagnosis was made. I didn’t even consider that this could be dementia, until the last few years and after being sent for these strange assessment tests. The problem was, that symptoms I was experiencing during this time were getting worse, but nothing was being done. When I see others at the clinic, I think, it’s too late. Even I was told this…. it’s too late! It was a major turning point in my trying to understand and deal with this horrible thing. However, if this is the case, surely it would be better to start dealing with the symptoms that lead us here, before it becomes, another case of… too late!?

It is well known that the underlying causes that lead to dementia are often slowly manifesting themselves decades before the signs and symptoms start to show. It is also clear that evidence is growing that a lot can be done to change this situation, through life style changes including diet, exercise and keeping are brains active. So why is nothing done?

What I am trying to do is to learn everything I can about my so called dementia and try to live with it, deal with the possible causes of it and change things that I can, that maybe help me to live a fuller life in the now. As a part of this I am trying to share my thoughts, ideas and hopes with other sufferers of dementia. I have started a blog, that cost nothing, has no adverts, belongs to no company and does not require you to sign up, or give any details. It is there for you to check out and see if there is anything that can help you! You may then have an idea that you would like to share too, well that is what I hope?

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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