Dementia Related Post

Kimchi… Kim D’oh!

Not too long ago I decided to try and make Kimchi. It is apparently a Korean delicacy and consist of fermented vegetables.

I’m very much into food and it’s effects on the brain. Fermented foods contain probiotics that some say are good for you. These probiotics are, many believe, good for your gut and indirectly good for your brain too.

So, I followed an online recipe, which was really easy and waited eagerly to enjoy.

It tasted… like nothing I’ve tasted before. It tasted bad, so I don’t think I got it right.

The results I was hoping for, was something similar to a well known pickle, but without the sugar… I think I was expecting a bit too much and I have to admit, my culinary stills are not that good.

I might try again, but for now I’m just trying to remove the taste that is trapped in my mouth!

Have you got any ideas? It needs to be simple!?

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

#dementia #memory #alzheimers #senior #elderly #toolate #kimchi

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