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Telly in The Other Room

I see, hear and feel things all the time, but most of these things I think are in my head. A big problem is that now I no longer have Finn to help me know when something is real, or not, it seems that other things have started.

I can now hear the telly in the other room. You have most likely experience this for yourself. You are in the other room, but you can hear those soft, muted and muffled voices. You cannot quite make out what is being said, but your brain tells you it’s the telly, or the radio. Well that is what I hear, but it happens in every room I’m in! I cannot go into the room and turn the telly off, because it isn’t on!

What I’m doing now is turning the telly on and turning the sound up. This way I’m hearing the telly and as I go from one room to the other, the telly is still that constant. When I turn the telly off, the telly in the other room starts.

Ideas and suggestion please?

I’m taking Risperidone for this, but not sure if having any affect and stuck being unable to stop taking it!

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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