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No more Donepezil for me!

When I was diagnosed as having dementia, several years ago, not sure exactly how long, I asked to go on Donepezil. This was the only medication associated as any form of treatment for dementia, and I believed this would help me. I’m not sure if it did anything and since then, no one has asked how I’m getting on with it or reviewed the amount I’ve been taking.

Earlier this week, we had an appointment call with the doctor at the Juniper Centre. We asked him about the amount of medication that I’m taking. He did not comment, but he did agree to me stopping Donepezil.

I have been taking 10mg every night, and today will be the first day of not taking Donepezil. I’m hoping there will be no side effects.

Why I am coming off Donepezil:

Donepezil does not slow down the progression of the disease in the brain, but it can slow down the further decline in cognition, usually for around six months.

Donepezil is taken at night because it can cause irregular or slow heartbeat, and I have heart problems.

Acetylcholine is the most abundant neurotransmitter in the brain and helps brain cells to pass messages from one to another. People with Alzheimer’s often have low levels of Acetylcholine. Donepezil helps to slow the break down of the remaining neurotransmitter in the brain.

I’m taking other medication that is also impacting directly on other neurotransmitters and unsure if Donepezil has a compounding positive or negative effect.

The overall amount of medication that I’m taking, and the often duplication of similar type of compounds, is causing me physical and mental problems.

I’m reducing all the medication prescribed because I believe it will improve the quality of my life significantly.

No one has checked the impact of Donepezil in all the time I’ve been taking it. If it isn’t that important and does not need to be monitored, then I don’t think it is worth the possible negative impact of taking it.

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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