Singing Myself Sane!

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Do we all like singing? I think so.

We might not like doing it in public, but in the bath, the car, or even performing on our little stage inside our heads.

Singing is, for most, delightful. It does something to us. It lifts up our spirits.

You will not be surprised that music, learning, playing, creating, taking part and of course, singing, have been the topics of research.

This research has come up with some amazing facts.

Music and singing makes us happier.

The brain releases dopamine, the feel good, neurotransmitter. So, if you want to get an emotional boost, sing a song, or listen to some of your favourite pieces of music. I challenge you to feel down after it.

Music is good for motivation.

Do you remember Rocky? I cannot listen to that song without wanting to go for a run. Why do so many people listen to music when they go for a run; simple it gets you going. Research into this even suggests that it improves overall performance.

Music and singing lowers stress.

When we listen to music, or sing, our bodies decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, so lowers stress. When you think that 60% of all illness is related to stress.

Music and singing boost the immune system.

Making music, playing percussion instruments is really good for this, singing, or just listening, significantly helps our immune systems.

So, get your foot tapping, sing, play or listen to some music and be calmer and enjoy a much healthier day.

Music and singing helps with learning and memory.

We all enjoy music and we all seem to be able to partake, but if you look just a little deeper, it is very complex. To enjoy, appreciate and take part you have to employ many cognitive skills at once. Time, pitch, duration, timbre, rhythm are some of the common ones we know. But, something deeper is also going on. Many people find that they can work and learn better, when music is present. It seems that the rhythms of music sort of harmonises the natural rhythms of our brains and bodies.

Music and singing helps with speaking.

This sounds obvious, but if you are having problems with speech, then singing is a great way to help improve the situation. Science has proven it.

The benefits of music and singing just go on and on. I don’t think there is a negative aspect to it?

Here I’m more interested in Singing and Dementia.

Listening to familiar music has long been known as a big help to all suffering with some form of Dementia.

What I would like to emphasise is that I believe, that being active with music, playing, creating, learning to play an instrument and of course singing, is far more beneficial!
Passively listening to music is excellent, but if you can get more involved, the rewards are exponentially forthcoming. The more you do, the more you benefit in life.

For everyone, dementia is the single most important aspect to consider as we get older.

We have to name the monster, know it and understand it. We can only then hope to slow and stop it. Music and singing can help more than you can imagine.

“Since studying an instrument requires practice and learning, it creates alternate connections in the brain that could compensate for cognitive declines as we get older,” says lead researcher Brenda Hanna-Pladdy.

Our voice is our instrument and singing is the goal. I believe this helps keep me alive and keep me sane.

We all can sing!

“Music is the true breath of life. We eat so we won’t starve to death. We sing so we can hear ourselves live.” – Yasmina Khadra

This is me letting go. Nowhere near perfect, but then it’s not going anywhere. For me it was great fun and it certainly made me feel a whole lot better! Enjoy, sing along, I know you can do a much better job, or turn it off if your ears start to protest!

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