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Being Passive can be a Bad Thing!

Listen as you read… it’s good for the brain!

This was my first time out exercising, since I injured my shoulder.

It wasn’t very good. Very painful on the shoulder joint and only managed, just four miles, where I usually do ten.

I was feeling a bit down and wondering if it would get any better? I was thinking that it might not be worth the effort.

However, I’m back, washed and changed, and feeling much more positive.

I realise that this is the first time I’ve been out in over a month, so I cannot expect too much.

My shoulder is feeling a lot better, and I think next time it will be better still. I just need to give my body time.

This has made me realise how easy it is, to give up and take the easy route rather than meet the challenge head on.

I wonder how many managing with dementia symptoms have given up? I know that there are many where their bodies have passed the point of ever repairing itself and coming back from that brink. However, many more are nowhere near that point, but have they already given up? Are they being supported in a way that means they don’t do anything for themselves, mentally, or physically? They’re just helping the decline.

This is what made me snap out of my down moment, when out exercising. I know it was hard, but the alternative isn’t anything I’m willing to consider.

In a few weeks and months, I will be going out and enjoying those moments, longing to do more. I’ll be getting the boost from the endorphins released and benefitting from all the positive elements that exercising gives me.

Exercising is a vital factor when fighting Dementia. So, if you can, Get active! It does not matter what form of exercise you do, and I’m not just talking about the drudgery of going to the gym all the time. There are lots of ways to exercise, and the more you do, the better it is.

For many Dementia sufferers, being Passive is a bad thing!

Get active and give yourself the best chance to come back and live with your Dementia!

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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