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I heard that 1 in 10 believe their brain health has deteriorated during the Pandemic! Strange term of phrase, Brain Health, but I think we know what they mean. It is not just about mental issues, but the physical aspects too.

However, most will see these as referring to mental issues, and there is no real mystery to this problem. If you are told, continually that everything around you is falling apart in your World, then that will undoubtedly have a negative impact on you mentally! Hope you agree that this seems obvious?

A significant contributor to this is the News. It’s not News, it’s Olds, and it is relentless and predominantly negatively biased. It is as if the News and Media all want to scare the hell out of us. Fear Sells!

I can remember someone saying, ‘people like being scared!’ It’s why the majority of TV dramas are about death. It is why we go on crazy rides and watch horrendous films, or play games on our phone, pads and online, that are all death, destruction, hate, murder, blood, Death, Death and More Death!

You would assume that those who do have these tendencies would distinguish between reality and fiction, but I’m not sure they do!

I was a teacher and can remember, the Ninja Turtles being all the rage with kids. Cards were collected and exchanged in the playground. We had to ban this, as did many and the reason, the kids were acting out what they saw on TV. They saw it as reality. We had injury after injury, from kicks to the head!

These were Primary School children, but they grow up, and if hostile and violent images and stories invade their every day, the realm between reality and fiction may remain blurred!

News and Media have a duty to us all. We need News, but we don’t need Olds that are continually stressing out everyone.

It’s not the Pandemic that is causing the problem; it’s the Media that likes to hark on the negative! I know it is terrible, and I suspect you do too, so I don’t need this rhetoric of fear.

We all need light and Hope throughout our lives because we will always meet that what hits us hard!

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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