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Pregabalin is Harder than I thought!

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I’ve been slowly trying to release myself from my dependency on prescription drugs. I’m doing this because I believe these drugs are causing me more problems than curing.

Singularly these drugs may help, but when different drugs, often doing the same thing, are prescribed, they may interact and cause significant problems. 

How did I get on some many drugs? I was supposed to have regular reviews, which should have picked up on this problem, but it never did! Different departments would hand out a prescription without considering the drugs I had already prescribed, so an accumulative process continued unchecked.

Below is my daily intact of prescription drugs. The last Seven: Donepezil, Citalopram etc… are the ones that I have been able to come off over the previous years.

Today is the second week of reducing Pregabalin. 

I’m taking 100mg Pregabalin twice daily. It is supposed to help Nerve Pain. Anxiety & Epilepsy, but I’m not sure why I was prescribed this. I think it was the neuralgia, particularly to the right side of my face and body. 

Neuralgia is a stabbing, burning, and often severe pain due to an irritated or damaged nerve. The nerve may be anywhere in the body, and several things, including: may cause the damage

  • ageing
  • diseases such as diabetes  or multiple sclerosis
  • an infection, such as shingles

I had Shingles twice. The second time it affected my face badly. This was well over twenty years ago, and I now believe the start of my nightmare. 

Due to the severe problems coming off the previous drug, My Daughter, Son, Doctor and I decided that small steps were the best approach over several months. 

The lowest reduction was 25mg. The first reduction over the first month would be reducing the morning tablet from 100mg to 75mg. The evening dose of 100mg would remain the same. 

The first two weeks are usually the worst and the hardest to serve. 

With such a slight reduction, I was not expecting any real problems, but I was wrong!

The first signs started within the same day. These seem to be the same signs of withdrawal that I had experienced before. These included lethargy, dull headache behind the eyes. My tinnitus going mad, hot flushes, cold flushes, sweating, lack of feeling, loss of taste and generally unwellness. That constant craving for the drug that caused the problems in the first place. 

However, there were symptoms that I was not expecting. The most strange of these is anger. I was feeling this constant pent up fear, dread and longing to fight something… anything! It didn’t really have a primary focus for this aggression, but it was easy to focus on a past event that had wrongly caused me upset and emotional pain! 

It has taken me till now to write this as I kept getting overwhelmed by this consuming anger. I think it is easing, but it is still there, waiting to explode, which worries me greatly! 

When my monthly handout of drugs comes around in two weeks, I’ll reduce the evening dose to 75mg. I’ll let you know how it goes. 

If you have had a problem with Pregabalin, please share. 

I’ll end this piece with my thoughts about dependency and addiction. I don’t think you ever indeed remove that grip that your particular monster has on you. You always crave that one drink, smoke, or drug and believe you could cope. 

My best advice is never to take drugs you’re not prescribed and those you are, check, review, and come off them as soon as possible and before you become dependent!

Medication List on 12th August 2021

  1. Aspirin 75mg 1 daily Heart
  2. Atorvastatin 80mg 1 daily Heart
  3. Bisoprolol 5mg 1 daily Beta-Blocker Heart
  4. Candesartan 16mg 1 daily Heart
  5. Bendroflumethiazide 2.5mg I daily Diuretic Heart
  6. Glyceryl Trinitrate 500micrograms when required Heart
  7. Betahistine 16mg 1 – 3 times daily Meniere’s
  8. Cinnarizine 15mg 2- 3 times daily Meniere’s
  9. Lamotrigine 150mg 1 twice daily Anti Epileptic
  10. 10. Levetiracetam 1.5g 1 twice daily Anti Epileptic
  11. Pregabalin 100mg 1 twice daily Nerve Pain. Anxiety & Epilepsy
  12. 12. Mirtazapine 45mg I daily at night Antidepressant
  13. 13. Venlalic: Venlafaxine 75mg I daily Antidepressant SNRIs
  1. 14. Omeprazole 20mg 1 daily Acid Reduction in stomach
  2. 15. Salbutamol 100micrograms every 4 hours Asthma
  3. 16. Salmeterol 50micrograms 1 twice daily Asthma
  4. Fusiform 125mcg/5mcg Inhaler 2 twice daily
  5. 18. Senna 7.5g 1 daily at night Laxative
  6. 19. Ispaghula husk 3.5g 1 twice daily Laxative
  7. 20. Uriplan sterile leg bag D5L 500ml. 30cm tube. replace every day
  8. 21. Clear Advantage Sheath replace every day
  9. 22. Micromax Enema 5ml every other day
  1. 23.X Donepezil 10mg 1 daily at night Dementia 
  2. 24.X Citalipram 40mg 1 daily at night SSRI Anti Depressant
  3. 25.X Gabapentin 300mg 1 – 3 times daily Nerve Pain & Epilepsy
  4. 26.X Oramorph 10mg/5ml when required Severe Pain
  5. 27.X Zomorph 40mg 1 twice daily Severe Pain
  6. 28.X Lorazepam 1mg 1 twice daily Bensodiazepine. Anxiety
  7. 29.X Risperidone 0.5mg 1 daily at night Anti psychotic

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  1. Hello Richard, thank you for sharing such useful information. Reading your blog certainly highlights how important it is to check the medication we are being prescribed. I have read the possible side affects of the drug ‘Pregabalin’ and some of these seem pretty severe. Stay strong and follow your intuition. GP’s and Consultants don’t always get things right. I wish you well. Lisa

  2. I’m so proud of you Dad and your achievements of the reductions in your medication. Well done. Reading your blog helps me to understand more what your feeling.
    Just remember it’s not a race and to go at your own pace! Love you Cx 💜💜

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