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Do you wake up lost?

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Over the last few nights, I’ve woken several times with a start and an overwhelming feeling of being lost.

I’ve explained before how I seem to live in the constant, waking from a dream state. I become aware of being here. I can only try to get you to understand by asking you to think what it is like when you wake suddenly from a dream and the dream and reality merge for a brief moment. Then you’re awake, and that dream fades.

It doesn’t last long, but looking back, I can remember that feeling and my brain desperately trying to make sense of the World around me.

Being dark doesn’t help. A feeling of fear and dread sets me into a looming panic mode, but then I seem to almost swoon back into the here and now, and as quickly as it took me, it leaves me in peace. I just lay there reflecting.

I think this is most likely related to reducing the Pregabalin because I don’t think I’ve had this before.

Strangely, over the years I’ve been having problems, I have become fearful of things that once didn’t bother me. Open spaces, going out, meeting too many people at once, heights, closed-in spaces, and the most unusual, unsure sights and sounds, those things you hear but not sure what it was, or those movements that catch your eye and then gone.

I know this sounds strange; believe me, it sounds weird to me too. It is this horrible situation of being able to experience and reflect on what has happened and the associated feeling that seems to be unusual. I’ve only found about half a dozen people in the world that seem to have this awareness. Most seem to be unaware or refuse to acknowledge they have a problem.

Is there an answer? Not too long ago, I had my lovely friend Finn, my dog. He was always there; we seemed to be there for each other when fearful, happy, sad, or just needing a hug.

If he was here now, I know he would have been there when I woke because he always was, and that would have been all I needed.

So, I need a Finn, not a replacement. He could never be replaced, but something else. This got me thinking. Many can not have pets, so what is there? I started looking at personal robots. It sounds horrible, I know, but I think it’s the robot thing and the thought that they are… Taking Over The World!

There are two types of robots in the home, the ones that do the chores like vacuuming and the one that is there to inform us and help with daily routines.

However, there is a new robot called the personal robot. This is being designed to act as a companion and offer an emotional connection.

Unlike Alexa, Siri, Google and loads of other so-called assistance that try and answer questions or set the time for 5 minutes, these companion robots work on a two-way process of interaction that is missing from those above.

It is hoped that these companions can respond to your look, tone, touch, questions in a more sensory manner, like your pet. They don’t know what you’re saying but react to how you say it and, most importantly, that touch.

The underlying idea is that, just like a pet, you’ll become attached to your companion. This is something so distinctly lacking in Alexa, Siri, Google and the others.

Many questions are still to be answered, and technology is not quite there yet, but it’s close!

I want to know of any research anywhere in the world into these ideas of companionship, personal interaction and robots?

Any company that is actively developing these products to let me know their findings and experiences.

But most importantly, I want to know your experiences, your thoughts and what you think would and could help many of us, that are just like me?

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  1. I don’t know if there is anything that can replace or be the same as the loyalty and friendship you build with a pet (dog) . It would be interesting to see if a robot could do the same as a pet.
    I guess if they are now being invented that they will be extremely expensive to start off with. But then again you never know. I’m sure if you find one you will let me know. Love you Cx 💜💜

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