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I’m Living With Dementia...I’m not dying of it!
I’m doing everything I can to slow, stop and reverse our Dementia!


Sometimes, I’m feeling low, and I find myself looking down both physically and mentally! The longer this goes on, the deeper I go and the harder it is to look up again and see the light around. You know those times you find you’re just sitting there, doing […]

My LifeStyle. Sleep

LifeStyle is the buzzword of the moment, so I thought I would share my lifestyle with you. My life has changed a lot. Every aspect of it is now geared to maintaining a healthy body, including the brain. The main aim is to keep it at its peak […]

Mountain Bike Problems

Another problem with my Mountain Trike! Three miles into my exercise, and the back seat gave way. The bolts that hold the seat to the frame were sheared, and I lost all back support. This is not good, for, without that support, I’m going nowhere! This isn’t the […]