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I’m Living With Dementia...I’m not dying of it!
I’m doing everything I can to slow, stop and reverse our Dementia!

What Caused it?

Just Click Play to hear the recording of this post. What caused my dementia? This is a question that goes around and around, but without any resounding answer. However, I do think I know when the problems started and it started long before the signs and symptoms truly […]

Is this a different type of Dementia?

I think the last time I heard, there was over 200 recognised types of Dementia. Has anyone heard of anyone suffering from a drug induced Dementia? I know that dementia type symptoms have been recorded in regard to missuse of drugs, but I’m more interested in prescription drugs.

2nd Week Reducing Gabapentin

This is the second week of reducing Gabapentin. I’ve only reduced this by 100mg, from 900mg a day to 800. I did not expect any withdrawal symptoms really, especially after the ordeal I had coming off Morphine, but this is something else. My brain will not stop, it […]