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I’m Living With Dementia...I’m not dying of it!
I’m doing everything I can to slow, stop and reverse our Dementia!

Will it ever stop!?

Is Sabina Nessa just to be another victim of our so-called civilised society? Women are afraid to walk on the streets of Britain, and all we do is moan and grieve and wait for the next victim! Why? I think it is because Britain is too soft on […]


by Leonard Cohen 1984 I did this with words for the Easter Celebration. So, I’ve Revisted it and done it again with the original Leonard Cohen lyrics. I hope you enjoy it! Any Comments are welcome. I’m up for a challenge, so if you have a song you […]

The List!

Here are the 265 Songs I’ve learnt, sung and recorded for you, so far! This is my 2021 Dementia Challenge! Some are a bit rough, some just do, and some are ok, but I’ve given my best shot at them all! If you find a song you’d like […]

It’s Just a Dream!?

It’s just before 2 am. I’m awake because I’ve just had a dream. You may think this isn’t anything unusual, but I haven’t had a dream for a long time, and I mean as long as I can remember. Before I start, I have to tell you that […]

All Time Low

by The Wanted 2010 I watched the news this morning and heard about Tom Parker. He is a member of the band, The Wanted. He is a young man with a brain tumour and now decided to forgo further treatment. He shows us older ones that sometimes get […]