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All Dementia related items. What I have researched, my thoughts and my life living with my Dementia.

The Night Cleaners! Part 1

I want to explain the brain’s cleaning system, but I need to give you some basic and essential facts about the brain! It heavier than you think. On average it’s about 1.5 kilos, around 3lbs. Check it out, find something that’s a kilo and you’ll see what I […]

I Can’t Sing!

I sing and play my ukulele, but I have played and sung for a long time. I’ve tried other instruments too, i.e. keyboard and guitar, but now I’m limited to the uke. These have always been great fun after the initial… ‘–in instrument!’ times that we all go […]

Fiddle Away!

Have a Fiddle. I read this bit of advice about carers dealing with agitation. This was on the site. If the person fidgets a lot, try to give them something to occupy their hands, such as a soft toy or worry beads, or a fiddle product or […]

The Pillows of Life..

The Pillows of Life… well Sleep! As a kid, I don’t ever remember having a new pillow, but today, it seems almost mandatory! The adverts tell me that the latest pillow, and or mattress is the definitive thing. Until next week when there is a better one, apparently! […]

What is Knocking me out?

What is knocking me out? Within about twenty to thirty minutes of taking my night time tablets, I’m done! My body is not responding, it’s not my own! My jaw feels like it is becoming fixed, my brain is dull and fading, and I’m losing control.  Getting in […]

On The Bottle!

That’s right; I’m on the bottle! However, I’m not talking about drowning my sorrows in a continuous soaking of alcohol. This isn’t good in so many ways, and I think most of us know this already! I’ve been feeling sluggish and with a dull headache for some time. […]

Is Prevention the Cure?

Is Prevention the Cure? We continually hear statistics such as; By 2050 over 115 million people will be suffering from Dementia. There are over 100 types of Dementia or causes. Every 3 seconds, someone, somewhere is diagnosed with having Dementia. Things that may contribute include, inactivity, high blood […]

Now is the Time!

I read this quote by George Burns.(George Burns was a well known American comedian, actor, singer and writer.) I look to the future because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life. While I was getting my brain cells to work on his quote, the […]