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All Dementia related items. What I have researched, my thoughts and my life living with my Dementia.

Lorazepam Free!

Well, this is the third day of taking no Lorazepam. The fourth month of a slow and painful withdrawal process, but I’m here! Lorazepam has been removed and now joins the other medication that I had become dependent on. It has taken about three years, but each step […]

There is no other choice!

At first glance, this statement seems obvious, but it doesn’t mean that there is no other choice when you look just a little deeper! The two sides of the same coin! There is, of course, a clear case that many people have conditions that they have no choice […]

Are You Aware? 3

In the following analysis, the French Professor Bruno Dubois, Director of the Institute of Memory and Alzheimer’s Disease (IMMA) at La Pitié-Salpêtrière – Paris Hospitals / addresses the subject in a somewhat reassuring way: “If anyone is aware of his memory problems, he does not have Alzheimer’s.” 1. […]

Are You Aware 2?

Until yesterday, I had never heard of the word, Anosognosia, and I bet it will be the same for many others too?  Anosognosia is a word that comes from the Greek’s and means, ‘Without knowledge of the disease.’  I wrote a piece called ‘Are You Aware?’ I wanted […]

Let’s Play the Game!

I’ve never been into board and card games, or any game, really. I’m not sure if I can concentrate long enough and give the time needed! Does that make sense? Lots of people seem to really get into games and get so much out of playing the game. […]

Emotionally Stunted!

Depression. One of those words that is used so much and so little understood. Doctors love depression. It’s a tick box, and once you got a tick, in any box, they can give you something, or more likely, not have to bother with you again! It is one […]

I Woke Up Screaming!

I woke up screaming or shouting! I don’t know what I was yelling about, but it was as if I was screaming at something. I lay there for a while. My heart was beating too fast! I felt like a trapped animal, so alert and wide awake! This […]

I Don’t Want to Wait any Longer!

Good things come to those that wait,Those things, worth having, and waiting till,A time just right, that moment realised,That something incredible, waiting to be known, is still! Expectations are good,That rising cake, that loving hug,To accept that what is known,Not expect that, that is not,Waiting for waiting, too […]

Are you aware?

I’m talking about you being aware that you have Dementia? It is quite disturbing when the above sentence is put to you so directly, but this is the only way you will face it. There seem to be three possibilities: You are aware that you are showing signs […]