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All Dementia related items. What I have researched, my thoughts and my life living with my Dementia.

On Wednesday morning,

I woke on the living room floor. I don’t remember getting up, or going into the kitchen, but later I found my once full cup of coffee on the floor, so I must have got as far as making a cup of coffee. My one crutch was still […]

How are you Sleeping?

I’ve been looking at sleeping and sleep deprivation’s possible impact on developing Dementia. It does seem more evident that this cleaning system, unique to the brain and separate from the lymphatic system that protects us throughout the rest of our bodies, is a significant player when looking for […]

How do you get to sleep?

At the moment, I do not sleep well. I feel like I’m forever chasing sleep. I’m tired, exhausted, but I can’t sleep! Sleep deprivation causes major mental and health problems; this is a fact. So, the ability to sleep is a vital component of living well. I believe […]

The Does and the Don’ts

As I’ve read posts, it became clear that there is a divide often between those that want to know the diagnosis and those that don’t. It does seem to be divided by which position you are in. If you are the Carer, then you seem to want a […]


Which One? Well, to be honest, it’s not one, it’s rather a bit more! I’ve just been reading this month’s Which report on supplements, and I’m now thinking, should I rethink what I’m taking? If you are not already aware, I will do anything to keep the symptoms […]

Fidget Away!

I read this bit of advice about carers dealing with agitation. This was on the site. If the person fidgets a lot, try to give them something to occupy their hands, such as a soft toy or worry beads, or a fiddle product or ‘rummage box’ (a […]

I’m ready to start school!

I hated school! As I moved from Infants, to Primary and then to Secondary, my hate and fear of school grew! Becoming a teacher in later life may seem a strange career course to take, but I loved teaching and think I wasn’t too bad at it. It […]

Another disturbed night of sleep!

I’m sure it has something to do with my reduction of Lorazepam. I’ve just started my third month of gradually removing my bodies need for Lorazepam; now only one tablet at night. I’m noticing that I am irritable, lethargic, have a constant dull headache, have aching limbs, and […]

Happiness is more than being Happy!

Are we trying too hard to be happy? I’ve been watching Hardtalk. A BBC program that does in-depth interviews, with prominent people from around the World. These people often have a particular viewpoint, and the interviewer tries to enlighten us about a given subject through hard-hitting and hopefully […]