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What is a Carer?

My son and daughter are both determined as my Carers and even have Power of Attorney in regard to my finances and health, but I don’t think they care! Let me clarify, they don’t need to care yet and care in the sense of looking after me totally! They of course care for me, as […]

Treat it like,’The Plague!’

…and assume everyone has got it! This is not a game, this is about the life of every person, old, or young! What we do will make a difference!

Losing My Voice

I’m finding that speaking is becoming a bit of a problem, but I think this mainly due to not talking that much, or that’s what I’m hoping. I am also a bit deaf, which doesn’t help. I’ve noticed this as I’ve tried to record some of my post here. When I listen back, my voice […]

The Marathon a Week Challenge

It has been a long time since I was doing 26miles a week, so it is time to start again. Part 1. Out the front door and cover a distance of 1 mile. When I get back, check and record how long it took. I’m going to do the same circuit, covering the same mile, […]

I need to Read!

When I read, I am no longer lost, haunted, or chased and I can leave this place on the wings of words, for a short time at least!

Dementia Support… the Imbalance!

I’ve been trying, and still trying, to link up with others that suffer the symptoms of dementia, but what I have found is that there is a big difference between what is thought of as having dementia, or the symptoms of dementia. There seems to be two clear areas, those that are living with dementia […]

A Balanced Life… The Concept

A Balanced Life… This is a common statement, or mantra you hear all the time, ‘You have to have a balanced life,’ but more often this refers to mainly to what you do with our lives ie, balancing work and home-life. Although I think balance in these terms is very important, I believe that Balance […]

I know they don’t exist! But!

Not a good day for my phantoms. Not seeing more so much as hearing things. I’ve started to hear Finn, calling, a sort of little yelp. I know it’s him, but then I know it can’t be. Finn used to help me with this. If I saw, felt, smelt, heard, or sensed things, I would […]

It’s all about Attitude!

It all depends on your outlook on life, but whatever that is, we all have our allotted time. The difference will be the attitude we have to it!

Is it Time?

Carol and Barry, my daughter and son, are everything to me and to be honest, I know I couldn’t cope without them, but what do I do now? I’m one of the many that comes into the risk category when it comes to this, Corona Virus thing and the guidelines say I should isolate myself […]


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