Maybe something different than you thought!?

A bit of positive news!?

I am consumed by everything that is dementia related, in fact I think I have read and watched everything there is… well not really, just feels that way sometimes. 🙄

My life has changed dramatically, because of what I have discovered. There is a lot of stuff out there and a lot of it is confusing and contradictory. Here is what I have decide I believe.

I’m no, Doctor ‘Believe Me, it’s all true’ and I’m not getting paid, so you will see no little adverts popping up, also, I’m not looking to raise money for some charity or other.

This is just what I think, based on what I have studed and compared. You may not agree with anything I say, but just maybe there is something that may help you and that is all I could wish for… Just don’t give up! 🙂

Just Click on the title to read the whole thing…

We are Sweet Enough!

I have just been reading a 2013 study, so not an old study, about how a high fat and high sugar diet may impact on amyloid plaques. Amyloid Plaques are proteins and is the gummy stuff that clogs the brain and stops messages travelling between brain cells. This is a symptom of Alzheimer’s, but no […]

Dementia Support… the Imbalance!

I’ve been trying, and still trying, to link up with others that suffer the symptoms of dementia, but what I have found is that there is a big difference between what is thought of as having dementia, or the symptoms of dementia. There seems to be two clear areas, those that are living with dementia […]

A Balanced Life… The Concept

A Balanced Life… This is a common statement, or mantra you hear all the time, ‘You have to have a balanced life,’ but more often this refers to mainly to what you do with our lives ie, balancing work and home-life. Although I think balance in these terms is very important, I believe that Balance […]

It’s all about Attitude!

It all depends on your outlook on life, but whatever that is, we all have our allotted time. The difference will be the attitude we have to it!

No Purpose to Life!

There is no Purpose to Life! but, this is a good thing, it just needs a bit of thinking about, so let’s see if I can explain and I’ll start by asking you a question. What is the purpose of Life? Not as easy as you may think to answer this, but have a go. […]

A Brief Introduction

Here is a brief introduction to how the brain works, Dementia and the most common forms of Demetia. Thanks to the Alzheimer’s Society.

I Smile, I Do…😐

I’m often told things that I just have no idea about. It doesn’t really worry me but, it is so frustrating both for those asking the question, I often see and feel their frustration, and for me, because I so much want to be apart of our past. The greatest pain hits when I see […]

‘Before you can kill the monster you have to say its name!’

When I was growing up in the 60s, Cancer was rare and dementia even rarer. My Grandad died in 1967, in a Lichfield Care Home, of Senility. I had no idea that this had anything to do with Dementia. I was told that he had finally gone mad. Not too long ago, if you asked […]


‘A picture speaks a thousand words’


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