The First Mile

I used to do a marathon a week and I’ve just decided to start again. I would love it if you would join me? The first mile is the hardest, so they say. Well, I think that is true when you are training. Step one: Go out your […]

Belly Fat!

I’ve changed my diet a lot since my diagnosis. I’ve cut out refined sugars and carbohydrates, because what I’ve read seems to suggest is that high sugar and high carb diets are bad for the body and of course the brain. My eating pattern has changed also and […]

Kimchi… Kim D’oh!

Not too long ago I decided to try and make Kimchi. It is apparently a Korean delicacy and consist of fermented vegetables. I’m very much into food and it’s effects on the brain. Fermented foods contain probiotics that some say are good for you. These probiotics are, many […]


I’ve just realised that the clinic that I am attached to for Dementia Care, hasn’t been in touch since this epidemic started?Now, I know all NHS Staff are busy, they always are, but I’m feeling a bit isolated from them at this moment in time. This is a […]

It seems to me that diagnosing Dementia is too late!

I have dementia, but it took years before the diagnosis was made. I didn’t even consider that this could be dementia, until the last few years and after being sent for these strange assessment tests. The problem was, that symptoms I was experiencing during this time were getting […]

Gabapentin’s Got a Grip!

I last reduced my Gabapentin three weeks ago and have just started week 4, still on 200mg in the morning, 100mg in the afternoon and 200mg at night. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but it has a vice like grip on me. With the morphine, it seemed […]

2nd Week of Marathon Challenge

I had to wait a bit today, wasn’t light enough till about 6.30am, because of, Summer Time and the clocks going forward an hour. Well, I’ve done my mile, avoiding anyone on the way, and about 20 minutes later I was back and feeling really pleased with myself. […]

What is a Carer?

My son and daughter are both determined as my Carers and even have Power of Attorney in regard to my finances and health, but I don’t think they care! Let me clarify, they don’t need to care yet and care in the sense of looking after me totally! […]