Let’s be clear about this…

When I asked about treatment, the reply was… ‘Treatment is by managing the underlying conditions.’ This is a regurgitated reply I hear a lot and I guess you may have heard it too? I find this so frustrating… for a start this is not treatment, this is putting […]

Always looking for the light!

Since late 90s and my physical decline, which left me with some major disabilities, my life has gone steadily downhill. It seems to go in stages. I’m going along fine and seemingly improving, then bang, another problem comes along. Loss of bowel and bladder control, Epilepsy, heart arrhythmia […]

Am I Seeking Oblivion!?

Today is one of my strange, out-of-my-body days. I’m so aware of something not being right within me. I see the World as if I’m in my head, looking out. My hands look a mile away and not belonging to me. Everything is distant. It is as if […]

I Smile, I Do…😐

I’m often told things that I just have no idea about. It doesn’t really worry me but, it is so frustrating both for those asking the question, I often see and feel their frustration, and for me, because I so much want to be apart of our past. […]