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Been there, but come back?

I’m looking for anyone that is suffering from symptoms of Dementia, or you know someone suffering, but have shown signs of those symptoms improving? Is there anyone in this World that has been diagnosed as having some form of Dementia related illness, but has recovered, or at least […]

Back to Reality

When first I was labelled as having Dementia, I wanted very much to try Donepezil. I had heard of it. I knew it was the only drug-related to Dementia and believed it would cure me. I was wrong! Donepezil is not a treatment for any Dementia related illness. […]

No more Donepezil for me!

When I was diagnosed as having dementia, several years ago, not sure exactly how long, I asked to go on Donepezil. This was the only medication associated as any form of treatment for dementia, and I believed this would help me. I’m not sure if it did anything […]

Not Coming Back!

…or that is what I’ve been thinking for the last few weeks, or is it months? My brain was on fire, it was as if I had been given a whole new set of brain cells and it was now frantically trying to reconfigure them to work with […]

I’m 65👨🏼‍🦳

I’m 65, so you may think this is not special, but it is. Not in the sense of the number 65, but how I know of it. Let me explain. A number is something we all use to know where we are at any given moment, compared to […]

My Settee is talking to me

I’m sure you have woke from a dream and thought how crazy it was? However, at that moment of dreaming, your dream is as real as now. Well, I live in a state which seems to battle between a dreamworld and the real. There is a difference. The […]

Neurogenesis a bit of hope!?

In 1928 a professor Ramon Cajal claimed that in the brain the nerve paths are something fixed, ended, immutable. Everything may die, nothing may be regenerated. He believed that where all other cells in the body regenerate, the brain cells, were unique in the fact that they did […]

Telly in The Other Room

I see, hear and feel things all the time, but most of these things I think are in my head. A big problem is that now I no longer have Finn to help me know when something is real, or not, it seems that other things have started. […]