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The Does and the Don’ts

As I’ve read post, it became clear that there is a divide often between those that want to know the diagnosis and those that don’t. It does seem to be divided by which position you are in. If you are the Carer, then you seem to want a […]

Just Too Many!

A strange thing that I live with and affects my life daily, is the number of people around me. I cannot cope with too many people, I just start to panic out of control! The first time I can recall this happening was in a supermarket. I had […]

Doesn’t Do it Anymore!?

I used to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. It always gave me that little lift, but now, nothing! I can drink coffee at bedtime and drop off without any problem at all. What is going on? Does coffee stimulate a particular part of the brain and is […]

It’s a Neuro… what!?

Gabapentin, sold under the most common brand name of Neurontin. To start I will have to give a very basic explanation of cells. We are made up of billions and billions of cells, skin cells, muscle cells, liver, nerve and brain cells etc. We are just a mass […]

On Wheels!

For the last few weeks I’ve spent most of my time in my wheelchair and this is something I try not to do! The reason is I’ve been having a few dizzy spells and a few seizures, so I thought falling from my chair, is probably better than […]

Dementia isn’t it!

I recieved an email asking me how I manage to write and why sometimes I don’t seem to reply straight away? My first comment was, why do you think I cannot write? but it is obvious, we all know what he means; Dementia means you have lost it, […]

It’s Gabapentin Again!

This is my first completed week following the continued reduction of Gabapentin. Morning 100mg Afternoon 100mg Night 200mg Coming off Gabapentin is causing me major problems. I’ve been on this for so long, my body not only accepts this as normal, but is doing everything it can to […]

Siezures Not The Same!

I went out for my daily exercise and got back with no problems. At 8am, I had my first tablets of the day. With a fresh cup of coffee, I sat down to catch up on the news and that was the last thing I remember. I became […]

I’m a Fax Machine!

I remember, not too long ago, or maybe it was, when I had a Fax machine. Well to be correct, it was an App. Apps, this is one of those newish terms we use now without thinking about. I’m 65, so I grew up in the explosion of […]