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Don’t Stop Drinking!

I’m not talking about drinking; I’m talking about drinking!My daughter has been on to me to drink more as I’ve had a few headaches hanging around. Then as I sat here and I’ve been up for about 6 hours, I’ve only had one cup of coffee, and that […]

Today it’s Shrooms!

Today it’s Shrooms! Here we are another day and another solution! Today it’s the Mushrooms… or if you are Cool, Hip, or whatever today’s word is Shrooms! Mushrooms have always had a mystic about them. The Magic Mushroom, but I’m looking at the beneficial side of them for […]

Day 5 and it’s getting worse!

Day 5 and it’s getting worse! The fifth day of my four-month plan to come off Lorazepam and I’m feeling rough! I have palpitations, I’m stressed, tense and my anxiety is growing. I have this constant dull headache. I’m nauseous, have stomach pains and often feeling a need […]

The Next Step

Next step in reducing the medication I’m taking. I take Lorazepam, and this belongs to a group of medicines called benzodiazepines.  Benzodiazepines act as a sedative – slowing down the body’s functions – and are used for both sleeping problems and anxiety. They work by increasing the effect […]

This is it! The Cause, The Cure!

This is it! When clearly, it is not. We hear so little about Dementia treatments. The reason is simple; there are none. So, when something, however small, is mentioned, the World goes mad. All sorts of stories start to unfold, and cash registers begin to ching to another […]

Am I Going To Die? Yes!

Am I going to Die? Yes! This is a fact we all have to accept, but I guess you mean, will I die because of Dementia? The answer to this is no! No one on this planet can tell you what you will die off. A lot of […]

What’s Up Dementia… The Song!

What’s Up with Dementia? I will start with a song that hopefully gives my personal view. It’s a great song called, What’s Up, by 4 Non Blondes. I’m sorry I messed about with it a bit, so if you want to hear the original, which is much better, […]

All Singing, All Dancing… well singing!

I’ve been trying to keep my brain active by learning a lot of different software programs. A big thanks to Adobe and Apple software. The Song is, Don’t Let The Old Man In, by Toby Keith. It was written after Toby asked, Clint Eastwood, ‘How do you keep […]