Tag: Mixed dementia

Eureka Moment!

I know when you read this you might think, well that’s no big thing, but believe me it is! The other day my daughter said, your hand writing is really coming on. I didn’t think that much about it, other than I was pleased at the support. My […]

My Get Up and Go… Has Gone!

Today I’m feeling really lethargic. I haven’t been sleeping all that well this month, but put that down to starting the withdrawal from Gabapentin. Last week, I reduced the middle dose by a further 100mg and this is most certainly having an impact. I have no drive, everything […]

Am I Seeking Oblivion!?

Today is one of my strange, out-of-my-body days. I’m so aware of something not being right within me. I see the World as if I’m in my head, looking out. My hands look a mile away and not belonging to me. Everything is distant. It is as if […]

I Smile, I Do…😐

I’m often told things that I just have no idea about. It doesn’t really worry me but, it is so frustrating both for those asking the question, I often see and feel their frustration, and for me, because I so much want to be apart of our past. […]

The Right Word

I know what the word is, or think I should know what it is but, with each attempt at saying it, it just seems to jump around and temps me with other words, that may have some sound like connection, but often no meaningful one. They don’t come […]

Could I Have Too Much Cortisol?

Cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone. It works with certain parts of your brain to control your mood, motivation, and fear. I was listening to an article about Cortisol and they gave symptoms that are particular to increased levels of Cortisol in your body; increase of body […]

I Don’t Have Any Dates Anymore…

I used to be fairly good with birthdays and other important dates, but now, they are just not there. Without my Calendar, I wouldn’t remember any of them. The strangest of these dates that I don’t remember, or that have any meaning to me, personally…my own birthday. This […]