Below is a question you may be able to help me with?

Do you have any ideas?

I’m often stuck on something and just can not get moving forward. I just need a little push to get me going again. So, here are some questions that hopefully you can give me your thoughts about, please?

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Losing My Voice

I’m finding that speaking is becoming a bit of a problem, but I think this mainly due to not talking that much, or that’s what I’m hoping. I am also a bit deaf, which doesn’t help. I’ve noticed this as I’ve tried to record some of my post here. When I listen back, my voice […]

Dementia Support… the Imbalance!

I’ve been trying, and still trying, to link up with others that suffer the symptoms of dementia, but what I have found is that there is a big difference between what is thought of as having dementia, or the symptoms of dementia. There seems to be two clear areas, those that are living with dementia […]

A Balanced Life… The Concept

A Balanced Life… This is a common statement, or mantra you hear all the time, ‘You have to have a balanced life,’ but more often this refers to mainly to what you do with our lives ie, balancing work and home-life. Although I think balance in these terms is very important, I believe that Balance […]

I know they don’t exist! But!

Not a good day for my phantoms. Not seeing more so much as hearing things. I’ve started to hear Finn, calling, a sort of little yelp. I know it’s him, but then I know it can’t be. Finn used to help me with this. If I saw, felt, smelt, heard, or sensed things, I would […]

Is it Time?

Carol and Barry, my daughter and son, are everything to me and to be honest, I know I couldn’t cope without them, but what do I do now? I’m one of the many that comes into the risk category when it comes to this, Corona Virus thing and the guidelines say I should isolate myself […]


Why is it so easy to be negative? Why do we take things so seriously? Why do we shy away from facing our fears? Why do we isolate ourselves? Why do we find it so easy to complain, rather than praise? Why do we continually hark back to a time we can do nothing about? […]

I will get there…

This is the second month of reducing, Gabapentin. It seems to take about two weeks to start to settle. It’s slow, but I’m not going back now! I’m feeling dizzy, light headed, nauseous, edgy. My heart keeps fluttering, I keep getting pains in my stomach, as if I need to go to the toilet and […]

Eureka Moment!

I know when you read this you might think, well that’s no big thing, but believe me it is! The other day my daughter said, your hand writing is really coming on. I didn’t think that much about it, other than I was pleased at the support. My right hand is no good at doing […]

My Get Up and Go… Has Gone!

Today I’m feeling really lethargic. I haven’t been sleeping all that well this month, but put that down to starting the withdrawal from Gabapentin. Last week, I reduced the middle dose by a further 100mg and this is most certainly having an impact. I have no drive, everything is too much trouble. I feel as […]

Am I Seeking Oblivion!?

Today is one of my strange, out-of-my-body days. I’m so aware of something not being right within me. I see the World as if I’m in my head, looking out. My hands look a mile away and not belonging to me. Everything is distant. It is as if there are two parts to me at […]

Could I Have Too Much Cortisol?

Cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone. It works with certain parts of your brain to control your mood, motivation, and fear. I was listening to an article about Cortisol and they gave symptoms that are particular to increased levels of Cortisol in your body; increase of body fat, especially around the middle tunnel vision […]

What Caused it?

Just Click Play to hear the recording of this post. What caused my dementia? This is a question that goes around and around, but without any resounding answer. However, I do think I know when the problems started and it started long before the signs and symptoms truly took a hold. It was in the […]

My Right Hand 👋 Has a Mind of it’s Own!

Over the last twenty years, my right hand has been a problem and now it seems to be as bad as ever. I keep it in my pocket as much as possible, because it will start shaking on it’s own.  Here is the strange thing and leads to the question I want to ask you […]

More than dizzy and sick 🤢

If you have ever had travel sickness, or motion sickness of any type, then that is how I am feeling right now. As soon as I sat up in bed, it hit me and trying to rush on crutches, to bathroom is not great.  Then that heaving and heaving and heaving. Nothing was coming, just […]

Is this a different type of Dementia?

I think the last time I heard, there was over 200 recognised types of Dementia. Has anyone heard of anyone suffering from a drug induced Dementia? I know that dementia type symptoms have been recorded in regard to missuse of drugs, but I’m more interested in prescription drugs.

2nd Week Reducing Gabapentin

This is the second week of reducing Gabapentin. I’ve only reduced this by 100mg, from 900mg a day to 800. I did not expect any withdrawal symptoms really, especially after the ordeal I had coming off Morphine, but this is something else. My brain will not stop, it is almost painful. It feels as everything […]

A Bad Day with Epilepsy!

I am sorry that I cannot record this, my brain cannot speak at moment.It is early and I have been awake short time. I do not want to write now, but if I do not put this down now it will be gone as so many times before. It might not be that clear, but […]

Dance Like There’s Nobody Watching… 💃🏼🕺🏼

I’ve just watched a TV program called, Trust Me I’m a Doctor, because there was one section looking at how doing a bit of ballet movement, can help people suffering with Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s is a condition that comes under the umbrella of Dementia. Parkinson’s is caused by damage, or loss of brain cells, medical […]

Blogging It…

Every day, my son and daughter encouraged me to write down what is happening to me during that day. Most of the time this was just simple notes , not good, ok, sleeping a lot, or they would become more involved, especially when I’m researching something of interest at the time. This also helped in […]

Is My Reality, Just a Dream?

I live in a constant state between what I think of as a dream world and reality. I have to make myself conscious of the real world, because often I will just become aware of being here. When I’ve tried to explain this before, people have thought of it as daydreaming, that thing when you […]

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